It’s all happening

The sudden passing away of two icons was greeted with shock and sadness from around the Music and cricket world. I was wondering what was happening this week? SP Balasubramanyam's voice, which will echo in everyone’s house forever, a family member in every household, his voice will live with us for generations to come. Jones... Continue Reading →

Cloudy & Tidy

Does the weather affect your mood? Does it change the way you plan the day? I got up at 5 AM. I made coffee unloaded the dishwasher and went into my balcony and looked outside at the sky. It had rained overnight and so there was a chill in the air. I took a deep... Continue Reading →

Called(IIIrd year) Away

My wife was talking to me about a conversation she had with my elder daughter. It veered around who are the people in their family, who were no more, whom they would like to meet. My wife picked her grandfather, my daughter, my father and I was thinking about my brother-in-law who left us on... Continue Reading →

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