Cloudy & Tidy

Does the weather affect your mood? Does it change the way you plan the day? I got up at 5 AM. I made coffee unloaded the dishwasher and went into my balcony and looked outside at the sky. It had rained overnight and so there was a chill in the air. I took a deep breath and continued to stare for a few moments at the cloudy sky. It was a Saturday and so I was wishing that it will be a sunny morning. We all wish every day is sunny so that it can inspire us. As they say, sunshine is the best medicine.

By 7.30 AM I was out for a walk. There were few of those regular folks out for a walk. A person with T Shirt written Ed Hardy ran past me. I asked myself “Who is Ed Hardy?

As I covered the temple stretch I missed the fragrance of the incense sticks as the wind was blowing at a good pace and of course, I was wearing a mask. There were puddles everywhere. Regular dogs of all categories from pug to dob were seen with their masters. The car washing guys were up to the task. I had a sliver of hope. As I crossed round after round around my apartment I kept typing notes on my phone. My smartwatch displayed that I had burned 200 Kcals and it was already 63 minutes and there was still no sign of the sun.

Back in those days when we were in Munich (Germany), we used to get up and see a cloudy day and wish for the sun to break through those clouds and make our day bright. Why do we get depressed seeing a cloudy day? I guess that is when writers get inspiration.

I finished my morning chores and decided to read, write, and hear some podcasts in the day and have a good time with the family. Also, we welcomed a close friend of mine who came over and had coffee with us. We were in the balcony and he was telling my wife “what beautiful weather!” Our guest made us realize the polarities of life.

I decided to reorganise my room and books, catalogue and also clean up my stuff in the room. I had read about Marie Kindo. So I decided to use The KonMari Method which encourages tidying by category – not by location – beginning with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and, finally, sentimental items. Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.

I eased through my day listening to podcasts and tidying my room and shifting things from one place to another. They say you cannot do multiple tasks at the same time. I decided to test drive that theory. So I put on OK google and Alexa, intermittently, a couple of podcasts. It was a good learning experience as well. I heard this phrase from Jay Shetty which completely changed my mood. He said, “Location has energy, time has memory. You can create energy in your home through changing the sites, scents, and sounds in space.”

I checked for Ed Hardy. At its core, Ed Hardy is an alternative lifestyle fashion brand that celebrates the classic American tattoo as an art form. Don Ed Hardy is considered by many to be the Godfather of Tattoo. His work offers timeless appeal.

Our minds are tattooed (Ed Hardied) that cloudy days will be boring. But like my friend who made us realize that you decide to choose the weather. I learned that if you can change your state by tidying externally ( Marie Kondoing my room) and have a parallel plan of educating your mind with some good learning experience ( thanks to Jay Shetty). I saw the sun setting from the balcony while I was writing and I was feeling good about the day.

As they say, “Life is like Mother Nature, unpredictable. There’s cloudy days and there’s sunny days but you have the power to decide the weather of your life.” So the lesson I learned today was, “If the External sky is cloudy, make your internal sky tidy.”

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