Don’t break the chain

I had published my last blog on July 3rd. In that blog, I mentioned how I have lost my mojo for writing blogs consistently. The pretext was that I want to improve my writing to the next level and pick subjects and topics I have never encountered. So what were those subjects? I was not... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories( 181)

Microstory 179 - Retro tales 3 - Family man I was speaking to one of my relatives after a long gap. A big-hearted, homespun advice agent and a grand family man. He is in his nineties. My mother had asked me to speak to him as he was inquiring about us. After speaking to him... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found

On April 24th I wrote my 200th blog. I was on an all-time high and then I crashed. Today morning, I was looking for some material on music as I was staring at my unfinished blog drafts. The unvarnished truth is that I've been missing my Saturday morning routine of writing undistractedly. The last two... Continue Reading →

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