2016 Demon-enticed


Most talked / tweeted / taunted word is Demonetize . We all have our perspectives on the same. Google meaning of the word  Demonetize is Deprive   (a coin or precious metal) of its status as money.

Looking back at 2016 , I would like to share some of my Demon – Enticed moments         (moments deprived of comfort).I heard this quote this week ” Scare yourself every day ” , Disturb , Disrupt and Doubt old ways

In a podcast from Ryan Holiday (#RyanHoliday) and Tom Bileyu (#TomBileyu) I heard the term “Quake books“-books that shake your fundamental thoughts.

Given below are my top 5 Quake books of the year:

  1. Good To Great ( # Jim Collins ) – Good is the enemy of Great
  2. Zero To One ( # Peter Thiel) – Successful people find value in unexpected places
  3. Third Wave (#Steve Chase ) – Internet of Everything
  4. Becoming the Boss ( # Lindsay Pollak) – New rules for the next generation of Leaders
  5. TED Talks ( # Chris Anderson) – Creating talks that are unforgettable

I liked this combination of books as it gave different perspectives on next practices in leadership in the new era when we have to deal with Millennials in the workplace. That meant how prepared are we in understanding through effective communication and finally how prepared are we to accept that Future is Now.

The Major Demon that was enticed was my social media Presence. I was not active on FB / Twitter and Linked In. I was not comfort- able. I created Discomfort and started sharing what I believe were my beliefs. Demon Enticed moments are moments that will challenge you.


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  1. Nice perspective Vinod.

    Love the way you are sharing your learning. Glad that you have taken up blogging. When we share our distilled learning on Social Media… we help others to consider changing too.

    Your synopsis of Quake Books is also very illuminating.

    Keep.it up – Vinod.

    Let’s Do More and let’s Rock More in 2017.

      1. Entirely my pleasure Vinod. You are a great learner… and that makes my job as a coach so much easier.

        Keep blogging. This is your time to energize the world…
        And I wish you well as you add value to the planet.

  2. Good that you have started sharing this on social media. I have been missing those push’s you use to give me every day. Keep inspiring.

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