What he is saying? Why is he saying?


Isn’t it interesting that in office the person next to you may have a similar interest as yours but we only speak about Business. We don’t get a chance to connect at a deeper level. The question is are you interested in knowing the other person ? To what level?

This the second edition of Moving Talk. I had an enriching dinner meeting this Thursday with one such colleague.I had considered him as a hardcore Techie and I would only discuss technology  (or my definition of it) with him. But that was not the case during this quarterly dinner meet. Our starters were Biography , Micro Finance and Global economics.

  1. Biography- he spoke about three great  emperors ( Chandragupta Maurya , Ashoka, Akbar) whom I have forgotten after history exam.
  2. I had heard about Ruchir Sharma ( # Break Out Nations) and seen his interview with Prannoy Roy . I never knew that only 26 nations in the world account for the world’s GDP.
  3. He talked about the astrological definition of leadership, that was interesting though I could not relate it much to my frameworks of leadership.
  4. Referred two books ( # Persuasive Manager , # Confessions of a banking teller).

I must confess that I was never interested in these subjects. Yet I came home and the first thing I did was to google for all the above references and felt good . Looked at (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruchir_Sharma) and also book reviews.

Suddenly I realized the true meaning of this quote “No man can become rich unless he enriches others” and in our conversation he did enrich me with his deep knowledge of the given subjects and also by sharing some of the nuggets.

Then I thought, why did it take me 2 years to get into a discussion like this? We live in the “here and now ” and hence do not go beyond the immediate and search the depths.

The other reason I was so interested was may be the kind of motivation and energy he exuded. So it is interesting to note that people get intrinsic motivation from other fields of endeavor and they can leverage them in the professional endeavors.

My learning from this experience is that you should reach out. This  can lead to a change in your mindset. An Enriching experience leads to a RICH Mindset.

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  1. Nice thoughts. Simply expressed. I fully agree that we can learn and share… and that is how we can all benefit from each other. Enjoyed reading this.

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