We are going to Swensens



I did my best to persuade her while driving that Swensens will be closed because of rain. As we approached and I took the right turn, she made it a point to look through the back window and confirm that it was open and she saw people sitting inside. I continued to push her by telling her that imagine if it rains and the people working will have to leave early and we will go some other day. I finally had to cajole her that if my elder daughter  is very hungry after basket ball we will decide. By the time the elder one entered the car, my younger one told her “We are going to Swensens!” There was no option. I gave up and decided to get to Swensens.


I was initially deciding not to go inside as I was expecting my wife to accompany my kids. She decided to sit in the car. I stepped out of the car and got into Swensens. My daughters had already decided to engage the person who was serving the icecream. They picked up a cone and a cup , two different flavors. I was ready to pay the bill. I wanted to get out of Swensens and get into the car, however I was feeling a little empty. Why are you missing this opportunity ?


I was holding two competing thoughts in my mind- I had a good run in the morning and I am very particular about my fitness and so I should not have the icecream. On the other hand, memories of having icecream during a rainy season was fresh and also I picturised how my wife’s smile eats her face when sees icecream. So I can get one ice cream for her, I do not need to have one on my own. Knowing my family well, I was not sure if I will get to taste it as we have to sit in the car and there is no way I can snatch it away from anyone. I gave up.


That was the anchor moment. In a flip , I decided to take my thoughts in the opposite direction. I decided to get an icrecream for my wife and then I decided to pick one for myself. We got into the car and I noticed that in the next 20 minutes, we had the best time of the evening and I forgot about the traffic back home. So I was trying to figure out how my younger daughters persistence which was met with my resistance ended up giving all of us a “feel-good-moment”. So sometimes you have to let go your stand and understand others needs.

Are you ready to “hear that scream” from others? Please do “wipe your internal screen”  and get ready to “Swipe yourself into that scene” that will sprinkle you and others with joy.





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