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Larry King asked Simon Sinek in an interview “You said we need an industry called “help others” Industry. How does that work?” Simon responded, “we have in our book stores a section called “Self help” and there is no section called “Help others.” He then went on to explain how we have become a selfish society preoccupied with ourselves. A self centric world where every one is doing things for themselves. Be it “How can I lose 10 pounds? How can I get the job of my dreams? How can I get my perfect mate?”

I recollected the TILT award night. There was an audience award for the TILTian of the year and interestingly it was an audience poll. Three people were nominated by other TILTians. I was trying to understand what were the characteristics of those three people. These three people had these three things that the audience valued:

  •  First and foremost was their attitude of caring.They understand that we need to treat others the way they wanted to be treated.
  • The second one was the likeability factor. We like people who are like us. We like people who like us. In my view this was a great virtue of these three leaders.
  • Third it was about the act of service.  They were not just saying and talking, they were doing something in services of others.

It was amply evident through their acts in the TILT tribe. Each one of them would go beyond the call of duty and make people feel better in their own way , sacrificing their personal time. There were many instances when this was on display and I am sure people recollected this while they wrote their names. Now there can be only one winner and deservedly the award went to the person whom they connected more on the above traits . That person has also become a role model in TILT for a lot of people. That was Kavita Garla and she richly deserved this recognition.


When people ask me about fitness and losing weight , I volunteer to share whatever routines I am following and share with them to see if it is valuable to them. I’ve realized that it’s not “how I can lose 10 pounds?” It is “How can I help my friend live a healthy life?”

I had the opportunity to be in touch with a person who wanted to shift jobs and mindfully tried to do my best to give him lot of contacts and connects to get a break for his job. Last week when he called me to say that he got an offer, I felt really good.


On the 6th of June I was in my hometown. I noticed that my mother had not seen my last blog which was dedicated to my father. I found out that one it was because Internet was off , thanks to rain and second, she was occupied with taking time out every day to be with a relative who was hospitalized. I took some time out to meet this relative.

I felt good when I found that my mother was knowing lot about his condition and how closely she was supporting his wife. After the doctor checked him he told the wife and my mother, “Do not give up. He will recover and he is doing well and you need to constantly keep talking so that in his brian he will hear your voices and get the power to fight back.” My relative was fully paralysed due to a brain injury and he was recovering purely due to the love and support of his wife and my mother.

Simon says , “Human beings thrive and succeed because we are social animals. We need each other and we need to learn to take care of each other to find that fulfilment and joy we want ourselves in life.” Help others” as an Industry does not really exist outside. It exists inside people who care more about others than about themselves. 30907818-help-yourself-help-others-texts-on-rectangle-shapes-



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    1. Thanks Venkat. I am sharing my feelings through this blog. There are people like you who touch chords and are doing a great job. I feel it is my sense of obligation to share these wonderful work you are doing.

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