Do you have the Skill and the Will to grow?


We are now in a world of abundance. To manage growth, we need to have skill and will.

Max Landsberg mentions in Tao of Coaching (# Tao of coaching) Skill depends on experience, training and understanding. Will depends on the desire to achieve, incentives, security and confidence. In the below quadrant, a person with Low skill and Low motivation needs to be Supervised, Coaching is required when skill is high and motivation is low, Support is required when motivation is high and skill is low.  A leader can delegate if there is high skill and high motivation in the team.


How are we preparing to build a knowledge channel of acquisition for the future? I want to try connecting the dots looking forward.  

The definition of Knowledge is facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education. How do we re-imagine knowledge acquisition in our day to day life? How do we break down online knowledge acquisition channels. It is finally the usability of what we see, hear, learn, think that becomes part of the knowledge bank in our minds.

I had a revelation this week (while travelling of course). I could connect the dots on why I could execute and do tasks based on skills acquired through direct and indirect interventions- be it from leaders, peers or teams. In the last 22 years of my professional career, I have been associated with teams and worked with leaders. I have tasted equal measures of success and learning. A major part of my skill acquisition was through my investment in personal development training, workshops and seminars (last blog ) .

Re-imagining Selling skills is the next focus is of my skill acquisition.  It’s 2017 and many more options for skill development are now available. I am acquiring skills from You-tube / Websites / Podcasts/Blogs. I also use SBI(Sales Benchmark Index) App for sales  research.

Focus on the channel (you-tube / podcast / blog/ App) for knowledge acquisition and then push this knowledge through your senses to your muscles.


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