During my travel, my room and my balcony were the go-to places for my younger daughter and her friends till some time. On the first of February, I ventured into changing the decor of the room. This I have learned from my mother from my younger days. Every three months she will keep shifting the furniture and create a different look. It looks like she followed the dictum, ” Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness”. I won’t define those days where I was shifting furniture, cleaning all window panes as happiness for myself but now when I keep doing those changes, I realize that ” One should never become the oldest thing in one’s house.

As they say, we are 50% wired and 50% malleable. So every now and then nowadays I decided to take a stab at my malleability. Just by doing the changes, I get a neurochemical rush that I have done something different in the room as there is no more space to occupy anything in that room.


February has turned out to be a month of chocolates for me. It all started with our first short visit to a mall nearby with my younger daughter. She had a hot chocolate and donut while I had another donut and my wife kept seeing us devouring to glory. She was on a diet spree and we both decided to test her resilience. Also, we celebrated Feb 14th in a nearby place. It turned out to be a red velvet day as they offered us a ” Velvet cake” as a compliment once we had finished our cakes and paid our bills. I had to nicely tell them to pack that cake. Apart from chocolates and cakes, I had quite a few meet-ups over coffee with a couple of colleagues and friends while I was on travel.

What you know for sure…

There was one poem that stood out in the form of a video ( originally a Wayne Dyer video and recently by Jay Shetty). It was a profound message which is, ” The thing that gets you into trouble isn’t what you don’t know. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so …”

Life happens…

Another thing that really shook me and my family was a close friend of mine whom we met on a Saturday afternoon and we had promised to meet up for lunch the next day had brain surgery the next day as he had a brain bleed in the night. It was terrifying for all of us, family and friends, though we had faith that he will come on the other side successfully. But those grueling moments are etched in my memory for this Feb’21 on 21st Sunday. I had the opportunity to meet him in person and he is back with a swag. Below is a 1-minute video that we created.

Back with a swag

More furniture…

By the time we finished February, I have noticed that we had changed and re-arranged furniture not just in my room but across all the rooms. My younger daughter gave her table to me, I gave my table to my wife and my wife gave her table and chair to our daughters. Call it a musical chair and table month with a lot of calorie deposits that I have to burn in March 2021. So that was Feb’ 21 the shortest month that made us realize that there is room for improvement in life. As they say “Your room should feel collected not decorated.

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