RICH (72) Stories

Microstory  67 – Bonhomie

It was our second TILT meeting of the year. Just before the break we did an exercise of meeting and greeting people who had made a big difference in people’s lives. That was a nice gesture organized at TILT just before the break.

We were prepared with our chits and gifts.  The best part was the way people moved around and thanked people who had made a difference in their lives. While I gave and received these exchanges, one thing stood out was the way this exchange was done. Everyone had a smile, looked into each other’s eyes and it was a feeling of Bonhomie. As humans, we are born to exchange love. This act of kindness will remain in people’s minds forever. We are also pleasantly surprised by how people thank us for some simple things we do for them. The gesture to thank and appreciate and show a sense of gratitude makes a big difference for all of us. Afterall in the month of February, love is in the air.  Finally, let me leave you with this, You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.


An act of kindness is pervasive and it is contagious. 

Microstory  68 – Good News

I asked my friend, ” what is the good news?”. He said, let the other friend also come. My mind started making up all kinds of assumptions. Finally, they broke the news and it was difficult to accept it as they were relocating.  We have these four families which have bonded very well in the last 2 years and every time we meet up we used to have a good time. It reminded me of our decision to leave Munich in 2007 when we had a similar set of family friends there and it was heartbreaking for us to leave them. Since we have gone through that once I could sense what these couples will also go through shortly. But for now, they will be missed and we will miss the fun, frolic, and laughter that goes with the company.


Microstory 69   – GOOD LUCK

I was traveling on the day of her first board exam. So I decided to get her a card. I picked a card that had 6 smaller cards inside. I told my younger daughter to write down the messages for all of us including my mother and In-laws .  I was amazed when she picked a smaller card which had a message which read as ” All the best ” and inside were these lines ” Don’t stress, give your best. FORGET THE REST!

My wife told me that the younger sibling also goes through similar stress when her sister is going through her 10th exam. These days she is missing their “bedtime talks”. Even an 8-year-old understands stress.


Microstory 70  – Bleeding

I had written this tribute to my departed uncle. I invited my wife to have a look. In a simple glance, she said, ” This is perfect! My mentor always says you have to bleed when you write and today you did.”

Image result for we are writers my love. we don't cry we bleed on paper

Microstory 71  – Co-passenger

The flight took off and I was about to read that book which I had bought for this trip. As soon as we sat down, my co-passenger got into a chat. He continued the talk for the next ninety minutes. In between, he was telling me ,” I think I am talking more than you and hope you are fine”. I gave him the nod and he continued. I learned a very interesting thing that day. You can get into a conversation if you read lot of books. He spelled out a lot of book names and I was consumed and also made notes on my phone for further research.  Finally, towards the fag end of the journey, I revealed my book. He referred that book and started taking some pictures. It was titled …



Micro 72 – Promotion

“Hi sir, how are you?” As I turned to her, I could recollect her. She was working as a waitress on one of those food courts at the airport. Since I used to go there frequently, her image stayed in my mind. Also, she used to feel good when it came down to an over the counter experience. I asked her how she was doing and she replied with a sparkle in her eyes, ” I got a promotion, I am now the floor manager in the food court and I am enjoying it” in broken English. It was a nice moment to record as I thought about how rapid urbanization is offering lot of avenues for people to scale their lives.







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