RICH Stories (142)

Microstory 139 – Choice

It’s very rare that I hold a new book for 15 minutes in a book shop and not buy the same. That is what I did last week. I held this book and read the preface, catchy lines, breezy phrases, and yet I decided to keep it back. But it lingered on my mind whether I should have bought that book. It was a matter of choice. Finally, I decided to choose Tiny habits over Post Corona. So what made me pick a book on habits? I am not so sure. The only reason I must have kept the other book back was that I had heard Scott Galloway”s YouTube videos and liked his speeches more than the last book which I had purchased ( Four) which I am yet to finish. But I liked those 15 minutes I had the chance to browse the contents of the book and that left me to do a little research on him and his work and his nice quote attributed to Lenin. “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen”. Since then I have picked a tiny habit a day to read ” Tiny habits.”

Microstory 140 – Alchemized

We left home around 3.30 PM. It was the first all-in-the-family drive to meet a couple of friends who were staying in the other part of the city. We had planned in such a way that we get to have a good time chatting with both families. On the way, we heard all our favorite coke studio songs and they helped me navigate traffic ( yes it’s back ). The best part of the friends get together was the bonhomie and warmth which we experienced after a gap of 1 year. We returned home by 11.30 PM. When I looked back on those 8 hrs I was pondering over those nice conversations with coffee, chips, and sweets and later we ended our dinner in a place called ” Alchemy”. We were alchemized by meeting our old friends and it reinforced one belief which I had in my life on happiness.

Microstort 141 – Time

The last year had made all of us realize our life’s relationship with time. How well are we using our time? Our perspective of time has changed in the last year. For me it made me realize the importance of building more awareness into our being. Build time corridors for yourself and make yourself available for your near and dear ones. The best way to build and sustain relationships is by using this nice aphorism which I picked on the way in life. People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you will know exactly what to do. So when I told my daughter to let us play cricket and told her that we will meet over coffee and have a chat, I was reminded of the time in a poignant way.

Microstory 142 – Week

I have noticed that we experience easy and hard days in a week. The best way to keep yourself going is to build yourself a narrative. My narrative is what Tony Robbins so nicely put it ” Life is not happening to you, Life is happening for you“. It is not easy to interrupt and pick that narrative. But that is the pursuit. I do have my bad days and good days. When I reflected on last week, it was a mix of good days and bad days. I had heard this phrase on leadership, “A real LEADER doesn’t have 2 good days in a row! “. So everything boils down to your goals and results in life so this one below spoke to my RICH mind.

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