RICH (100) Stories

Microstory (97 ) – Read my Blog 

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It was late evening on a Sunday and  I did not see those toys in my balcony. I knew my younger daughter and her friends had already taken it from my balcony. The backstory was that during the lockdown we had organized one day for discarding things. While I was checking what all my younger daughter had decided to get rid of from her room, I saw a set of the above toys. I liked it momentarily and I took it and displayed it in my balcony. After the lockdown was relaxed, her friends started wondering why I had taken those toys and every time they were instigating her to get it from the balcony and they succeeded. I finally negotiated and got four of the above toys. But my younger daughter learned a lesson.

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Microstory (98 ) – Existential Angst 

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The other day my younger daughter made a painting, as usual we all praised her and told her to stick it on the refrigerator. The next day when my wife checked her phone, she saw many messages on our family group- wow! so cute! When she checked what people were praising she saw the same painting! Our daughter had clicked and posted the picture on the family group. As soon as she saw my wife with the phone, she wanted to know who all had seen, liked and commented on her picture. Like everyone she was looking for validation- the existential angst of our times!

Microstory (99 ) 

We observed how much my elder  daughter had an influence on the younger one. Even when it comes to tit-for-tat answers for us. The other day I was monitoring my younger one’s table and asking her to arrange everything properly. She looked at me for some time and then turned to me and said, ” Can you give me some peace of mind?”

Later I noticed that she was reading my wife’s book. I told her, ” I write about you in my blog, why don’t you read it”? She looked at me and smiled. I asked my wife, ” what attracts her to read your book?” She said, ‘ She always reads the Icecream story”. Maybe it’s time for me to write something sweet.


Microstory (100) – Problem-solving 

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My daughter had a curious question. She wanted to know, ” How did  Einstein become a genius? I was not sure. She then googled and showed me the picture of Albert Einstein’s brain. She then went on to explain how a part of his brain was missing. I asked him which part of his brain and she read out “parietal operculum”. I remembered Einsteins quote,  “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler”.

I was looking at the genesis of her question. I noticed that my wife had put some mathematical sums for her and looks like whenever she sees tough problems she remembers einstein. I remembered his quote again, ” We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Moms problem she wanted Dad’s solution.


I enjoyed these micro-stories as it makes me enjoy life through a different lens. Writing these stories was fulfilling. It’s not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit.


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  1. Congratulations on completing 100 … Love the way you think and narrate your stories. What next ?

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