RICH (105) Stories

Microstory (101)


It was a Saturday morning and my daughter told us that she doesn’t want to get ready for the dance class. To which my wife said,  “I told you to sleep early as you have dance classes.” My wife tried to persuade her but she refused. She said, ” I am tired and I slept late”. My wife relented and she went back to sleep.

I was observing the situation. I went up to her and said, ” Alright if you are tired you can go to sleep. Please tell me, what should I tell her when your dance teacher comes online?”

She lay in bed contemplating.

“Should we tell her you slept late and you were tired?” I persisted

She immediately responded, ” I am getting ready” and sprung out of bed.

I was not sure what happened to her at that moment ( Light bulb moment). Once in a while, we should have a real conversation, and conflict is good.


Microstory (102)

We were at the breakfast table. I noticed that my wife and elder daughter were talking about our neighbors. I said, ” Why are you conjecturing?” Both of their faces turned red as if I said something out of place. I tried to defend myself that I meant this and that. Finally, I said, ‘ Look I only said this, so why do you have to get worked out? To which both of them said in unison, ” You said it this way”. Finally, I relented and apologised and said, ‘ It is interesting I thought I have improved my listening skills when others are speaking and making their point “, but today I realized that I should listen to myself when I am speaking as well. That was a Sunday mirror moment for me.

When we treat our crucial conversations like a debate where we ...

Microstory (103)

I was wondering when one of my colleagues started talking about his whole family and the challenges he was facing during these COVID times. I had an image of him that was blown away after hearing his story. I had to forgive myself for carrying that image. We don’t know what people’s backstories are and we tend to label them with our limited view of our world. This was a classic case. So when one of my other colleagues who always calls me for business purposes and spoke to me to check how I am doing and enquired about my family, I was again swept away by his kindness. These two events made me put a finger on one thing in human relationships. We see the world as we are and it is important to keep reviewing your views and opinions.


Microstory (104)

It was sometime after midnight and my younger daughter came to our room and said, “I would like to sleep with you”. I looked at the time, it was already past 1 AM. I was downright tired and sleepy and she was bright and awake. I got up to go to the washroom and when I came out of the washroom, she said, Dad, “your head looks like an Egg head”. Have you faced a moment when you wanted to sleep quickly after hitting the bed and then something hits you like this? I said, “what made you say that at 1 AM “. She said, ” In this light, I could make out that you are an egg head”. My wife burst out laughing and I told my wife, ” Please continue this conversation with her “.


Microstory (105)


My younger daughter’s online classes started last week. It was a break from the tradition like nobody expected a few months back. I remembered the “chip and chair “phrase- if you have a chip (any wifi enabled device) and a chair (or a place to sit) you can work/study from anywhere. Work-Life balance has a new definition now.

In these COVID times, I’ve decided to take a shot at writing limericks, here goes the first one:

My workplace collided with family space

My family figured it out and put me in my place

In the depths of despair,

I found a new friend…

Wifi! who filled my space

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