RICH Tales (24)

Microstory # 19 Thoughtfully “feed” full

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I asked the person who was rolling the final set of plantain leaves, “will you leave that one leaf that was not eaten?” “No sir, ” It will go with the waste”. I did my best informing people to sit and make use of that seat. Yet that seat was not filled. I felt bad that we had to waste that food. This has been bothering me quite a bit every time. Even at home, I do suggest to my wife that let us call the maid the next day in case we have enough food inside the fridge. I even went to the extent of packing one of my friends some food which he ordered and could not finish. I wonder if we can have an app which tells our hunger levels or Calorie levels and make us aware to pick food thoughtfully enough to satisfy our hunger for that moment. I guess we need that in food courts as well. Let us all become a crusader of being aware of the food wastage. Let us feed ourselves thoughtfully. Is it that “People Don’t See What They Don’t Want”? Can we take less on our plates so that we can give more plates?

Microstory # 20 Cashless and pocketless 

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I asked my elder daughter and friend, ” Do you want cashew”? My daughter responded, ” Cash, yes”. I told her , “you will hear what you seek“. This has been the weekend where I didn’t have many activities. Then I went out with my younger daughter. She asked me, ” Did you take money? She had forewarned me that she wanted an earmuff. I was initially not keen but finally had to relent. Not just me, two more of her friend’s parents had to relent and it was updated through Whatsapp messages between them about the price. In fact, when I was telling her that I did not have money, they were not surprised. They both knew that we can make payments through devices. There is “no shock value” left in not having hard cash these days. Gone are the days we can do the jingles with the coin in our pockets as I am also wearing pocketless shirts and T-Shirts these days.

Microstory # 21 Grandmother & bedtime story 

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I remembered my grandmother last week. She used to tell us the story of Sudhama and Krishna. In our apartment, while we were celebrating our association’s 10th anniversary I saw a folk form playing out in front of us. It was the Sudhama story. I was touched by the way Krishna displayed his emotions for Sudhama. It was a very touching scene to see their affection and caring. When my grandmother narrated these stories when I was a child, those were imprinted in our subconscious so well that I had goosebumps. I remembered my paternal grandmother with whom I had gone on my first ever trip on a bus to our native place.  Our memories can be a good storehouse for happiness. My memories of that trip and walk with my grandmother even after 35 years are etched in my memory.

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Microstory # 22 Guiding Light 

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I was in no mood to go out and get the toys for her friend’s birthday. As I have been practicing respect challenges for a month, I decided to quieten my internal dialogues and decided to go for the purchase. I went inside the shop and my daughter picked up the toy in 5 mins. However, I lingered around there to pick up some things which caught my attention. As the shopkeeper was wrapping the gift,  I slipped sideways only to see three of Tony Buzan’s books. I picked them up and had a random read and I liked it and hence decided to purchase. Then I saw APJ Kalam’s “guiding light”. I was in two minds. I went for it and read a couple of pages and couldn’t keep it back in the rack. I was in a great mood.  I got the opportunity to change my state because of her. I feel in life we sometimes have to push ourselves in the opposite direction. Drop the veneer, clear the fog to go all out with your gut and someone along the way will be your guiding light. So when I am down and out I decided that I will have to take a physical change of state and that can do wonders. While I was taking the lift from the ground floor I kissed my daughter and said, ” Thank you”.

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Microstory # 23 YES instead of NO

I told my younger daughter, ” Don’t force me to say ‘YES” when I want to say “NO”. I was planning to take her to a grocery shop and from my experience, I was expecting an emotional request for chocolate. I gave 100 Rs to the shop keeper and he was looking for the exchange. He asked me if I have 5 Rs. I said, “No”  and offered him Rs.10. He checked again and told me ” I got the change now” please have one 5 star chocolate along with it. He forced me to say “YES” when I wanted to say “NO”. Selling is emotional. Sometimes you have to go with the YES when you have a “precious little” with you for a choice of NO.

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Microstory # 24 Energy flows 

I was in a book store yesterday and I liked all the quotes and so took pics. Liked this one particularly ” The constant happiness is curiosity” by Alice Munro. I narrowed down to a book titled ” Light from many lamps“. It had the subtext “a treasury of inspiration”. I instantly turned to my tribe of TILT. I took a picture and shared it with the group. It triggered a set of responses and that was timely. I liked the way the tribe members started complimenting others for their inspiration and how they had made a difference in their lives. The way to embrace happiness is to be curious and share your instant happiness with others. I learned that day how we can inspire everyone through a picture and it had a cascading effect on the energy.

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  1. Awesome post that kindled my memories, travelling experiences with my grandma – Papimma. Very few have such power of leaving footprints whenever/wherever they are.

    Hah, can completely resonate with the experiences as a parent. Learning as a parent indeed make many incidents a meaningful one. Thanks Vinod.

  2. Walking with Grandma is always fun! Nicely crafted Vinod.

    On the absence of Shock Value in today’s young kids, I often wonder if it will adversely impact curiosity and thereby innovation.

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