Microstory 13

On a Sunday morning, I woke up with my left eye having a little pain or call it some sensation. I felt something is wrong. I tried to analyze. My wife said, ” Relax” this is your body and this cannot happen just like that, it needs some self-healing, I dropped my plan for the run, going out and also decided to watch less TV. I tried to think whether watching late-night Chandrayyan 2 live and less sleep could have done the damage. I took her advice seriously and decided to rest. Of course I had to google it first. The two main causes of watering eyes are blocked tear ducts and excessive production of tears. I got the answer.


Microstory 14

I stepped into the store to pick up some groceries when I saw my younger daughter staring at two teddy bears wrapped in a box. She had many toys and I was in no mood to buy it for her and then she said,  “See it will look good on my room when you walk into my room and you will feel good”. I didn’t have the courage to say “No”. This is why we say “selling is emotional.” Best dad ever.

Microstory 15

I asked the live counter person who places the order for the omelet to give me an egg white masala without chilly and request for a flat one and not to fold it. He leaned forward and told me, we call it ” well done”. Oh, that was something I haven’t heard that way. I liked the usage well done. Finally, when it came it was folded. I asked him why it is not flat. He said, ” Egg white couldn’t stick together”. I told him well done anyways.

The other day I was explaining features of a product to a partner and I noticed that he was not able to pick up what I was mentioning. He later asked, are you talking about “data sheets”? That made me realize the importance of using certain keywords which are known to get the message across. I used the same a couple of times and got resonance in my conversations later that week. My friend last week said, “Keywords rule the world“.


Microstory 16

I did a short workshop on writing, speaking and feedback ( giving and taking) a couple of weeks back. At the end of it, I asked for feedback. I got feedback that I did the session in a jiffy.  I asked the person to give me some more details. I was defending myself by saying that I had to finish this in session in 2 hrs and hence did it. Earlier in that session, I did coaching for a person who tried to defend what he did why he did again feedback which was given. I had to eat my own humble pie at that point in time. When we ask for feedback we should never judge.


Microstory 17

I noticed that if I am at home and observing my younger one I should be asking the right questions. If I look at her and if she is doing something naughty she will ask ” What?” The other day, she came over to my wife and said, ” who was your boyfriend?”, my wife replied, “I don’t remember and I have been married for last 17 years.” Looking at me my daughter said, ” Yes, that’s a long time”. I asked her ” What?”


Microstory 18

I try to pick up a couple of learnings from the TILT sessions and would apply my learning within TILT team. This time it was on giving feedback. I asked for feedback and I loved the way they gave me feedback. My learning about feedback was to thank the person giving you the feedback ( control the internal chatter) and then take action on the points you believe which will help you achieve your goal in life. Once you or someone “see the change” go back to the person once again and thank him/her again. Thank twice is the mantra. First for offering that time and energy and the second time for being there to appreciate your efforts to take that feedback seriously, implementing it and noticing that you have changed for the better. That is the secret of a circular life.


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