Social Dial’lema

I initially told my wife that I may not be able to attend the housewarming as my travel was taking precedence. Then things changed. My travel plans altered and our neighbour dialled me ( WhatsApp ed me) and in an instant I confirmed and she thanked me. They had bought a new house and were... Continue Reading →

Save your tears

We had our neighbor visiting us last week. During our interactions he noticed one book sitting on the book stand near our television. He was curious. My wife stepped in and told him that it was her brother's work and he co-authored with another person. That is when it struck me that we are nearing... Continue Reading →

Paint our way…

Hearing the song, my younger daughter said, " Isn't this the song which Alexa played for the first time on that day "? I said, " Yes Indeed". That was the day when my elder daughter was moving to a new place. It was for her next level of studies and my wife was going... Continue Reading →

Just The Way You Are…

We are all around the dining table and I would be ready for our playlist "Potli Mix". Then comes the immediate comment from my elder daughter, " That song is so sad". I will then hand over the phone and the playlist to her and ask her to put out her favourite songs. Over time... Continue Reading →

Insightful encounters

We thought it will take only 45 minutes on a Saturday morning. We were going for my younger daughter's PTM (Parent teacher meeting) in the school. I sat down next to the driver and put on the navigation. I saw that it would take 55 minutes. I immediately conveyed that to my wife who was... Continue Reading →

Toying with Words

I've always been fascinated with words, language and its beauty in conveying simple things. In this blog, I am paying my respect to my language influencers. People from different professions had a way with words. Let me start with some writers, columnists, and authors whose work has helped me develop a process to improve my... Continue Reading →

Beautiful inside…

Yesterday night I saw my daughter laughing a lot seeing the serial "Jessie". She went down from the bed and started rolling on the floor and laughing. I immediately recalled that this is called ROFL. She was not sure what I was talking about. She continued with her laughter therapy and then came to me... Continue Reading →

Hand Shake

It was a Tuesday morning that rocked me from the bed. My sister called me on WhatsApp and said her father-in-law was no more. The first word that came out of my mouth was "Aiyo". In southern India, this word is used for expressing distress, regret, or grief; ‘Oh no!’, ‘Oh dear!’.” Some say that... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday

I don't get Monday blues but I did introspect about that Tuesday. I was curious to know what happened that led me to go through a rollercoaster. I generally get up from bed around 5 AM, but that day I struggled to get up from bed and was not feeling good about the quality of... Continue Reading →

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