Hand Shake

It was a Tuesday morning that rocked me from the bed. My sister called me on WhatsApp and said her father-in-law was no more. The first word that came out of my mouth was "Aiyo". In southern India, this word is used for expressing distress, regret, or grief; ‘Oh no!’, ‘Oh dear!’.” Some say that... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday

I don't get Monday blues but I did introspect about that Tuesday. I was curious to know what happened that led me to go through a rollercoaster. I generally get up from bed around 5 AM, but that day I struggled to get up from bed and was not feeling good about the quality of... Continue Reading →

Cameo spell

Today is Dad's 38th death anniversary. I was remembering and playing some of his favourite songs in the morning and all those songs were very soothing... I was hearing these lines in a podcast," Life functions as an enmeshed bunch of threads that come together to weave a tapestry of your life". That was profound!... Continue Reading →

Home Truths

My wife told me to wake my younger daughter up for dance classes on Sunday. I tried my best a couple of times and gave up. I told my wife that she would have to try. A couple of minutes later I was getting ready for my walk and I was asking, has she gotten... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories (189)

Microstory 187 - Frozen I was on the flight busy reading. One gentleman, masked up, saw that I was making notes and was scribbling. When the flight came to a halt, he asked me the names of the books I was reading. I showed him: " What the Heck You Want To Do with your... Continue Reading →

You end Up FIRST

I had slept very late the previous night and so had got up late too. I was traveling. I do not check WA messages often when I am on travel but that day saw two messages from my Bengaluru boys. A sense of gloom instantly occupied me. I immediately responded to my friend, "my sincere... Continue Reading →

Morning Symphony

I have found a way to break that Silence in the morning. Did I attain Nirvana? "Power on, you have plugged into Nirvana, and your device is ready to pair." My new device from BOAT tells me this in the morning. My family had a good laugh when they heard that voice for the first... Continue Reading →

One thing about a Blog

I started the car engine at 7.35 AM. As I was taking out of the car, negotiating the pillar outside our parking space came her question. "Dad, how many times you have taken a driving license?" My immediate thought was, is there anything wrong with the way I took the turn? I don't think she... Continue Reading →

Long time

"We miss the noise in the house, particularly the way you play those songs on weekends from your playlist". These were my elder daughter's words. At least my younger daughter was seemingly nice. After two weeks, she asked the question, " When is Dad coming?". My wife later consoled me that she also missed me... Continue Reading →

Aboard to Joy

Hmm. Deep truth, yes? These were the lines from the "Everyday Hero Manifesto" (by Robin Sharma). This was one of the books I am determined to finish going by Francis Bacon's advice, "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested." That is, some books are... Continue Reading →

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