Can a Quote shape your mind…?



Can a quote create a defining moment in your life? A “Defining Quote” is one when we relate the quote to an experience of the past; we check its relevance in the present context; and we form a perspective of that quote for the future. This was my “Defining Quote” of the week “Culture eats strategy for Breakfast “.

I had the opportunity to listen to a webinar in which I heard this quote. This was really about Organisational culture. It took me back in my career where I started relating to the “culture” part of the organisations I had worked in.  Incidentally, I had lived by this axiom that Organisation does not have a culture , Organisation is the culture. Yes, it was the culture  of those organizations that had shaped what happened, who I was, and who I have become. Culture, does dominate strategy

In today’s VUCA world (term coined by American military for Volatility , Uncertainty , Complexity and Ambiguity ) , we are in a more responsive environment and things change at a break need speed.

In this context, what is culture? In my view, culture is a combination of how employees , Customers , Stakeholders view success and how holistically each one creates VALUE  for the other.

Culture is a favourite of mine as I had the opportunity to embrace different inter and intra cultural differences during my various stints . The best learning part was to adapt and give your best and tide over the differences. Those opportunities remind me that  culture made me “who I am” . Culture shapes your thinking. It will  undoubtedly shape your mind, when you are mindful of the effect of culture.

My thought is that culture plays a very important part in enabling you to become the person you want to be. The best way to understand this is to build your consciousness and your awareness levels, while you  go along with the flow. As I learned from Ian (#Ian Faria) (#TALKTEMPLE) , it is Knowing , Growing , Showing ,and Flowing one’s capabilities or VALUE that shapes your success. This strategy creates a culture of putting yourself to the test every time.

Are you ready to increase your awareness of what really shapes your life and determines your destiny? All you have to do is to be aware of what defining moments you encounter. This could be through something that happens at work. Or, it could happen when you encounter a Quote that could alter your thinking. Or… it could be through the dynamic, iterative culture of your organization to evolve continuously.

Be aware of what can change you, and then use that fact to alter the way you improve yourself, while you shape and build your team, and your organization.Culture Creates Success.




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  1. Nice blog Vinod. Yes… it is good to be aware of how we learn and how we evolve. Every input we receive… consciously or subconsciously… can alter our lives.

  2. Culture is something which makes or shapes the man or a woman. We learn that through our upbringing, the people we get associated with, and the personal experiences. It’s important to understand if we are “short ” of the right culture, if yes, time to work on it n evolve for better. Culture defines man’s attitude eventually. Change is the name of the Game

  3. I agree with the article… each organization had its own DNA. In my experience I have seen only those colleagues, business and stakeholders going high with the organization who either has matching thought DNA or ready to modify the existing ones for purposeful alighnmnet..
    There is no hidden compulsion…it comes naturally if you are self awared and feel the DNA change will add more to “Who I am”

  4. Very well articulated, Vinod. The growing emphasis on cultural values and tenets has become an integral part of organizations, and this certainly shapes its employees. Personally i have grown immensly as a person and very rightly said, it is the culture that you adopt over several interactions and people that you encounter over time.

    Not to mention how impactful quotes can be- you instantly are able to relate to one that reflects a part of your life – past, present or future. And sometimes strong enough to be a defining moment that can change your life around.

    Great article!! Keep blogging Would love to see more

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