I was doing my regular run today. On my shuffle was this podcast by #Tim Ferris. Tim made a very provocative statement on the Trojan Horse of your mind (someone who has reprogrammed your mind). This gave me a chill!  I started thinking about the person who had evoked this kind of feeling inside of me … IAN Faria.

The Ionosphere is defined as the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that is ionized by solar and cosmic radiation. It lies 75-1000 km (46-621 miles) above the Earth. The “IANosphere” is lying within me and I got IANized by his perspectives, inputs and direct feedback.

I met him for the first time on 26/1/2016 (Yes … I am writing this as a tribute to that first meeting with Ian!). I had some earth shaking conversations with him that rocked me to the core, while he was rocking in a chair!

Ian made me comfortable with uncomfortable things. I learnt to change my state of mind, become more self-aware and surrender my suffe “ring”s that day and every day since. Ian made me vulnerable with discomfort.  Super Succinctly … IAN to me is like the Iron that does not rust (probably like the Ashoka Pillar!) . He claims to sleep only for 4 hours! In my view what I would like to tell is that Ian’O’sphere if read from the right is “Sphere of I(an)nfluence.”

Anyone who knows Ian will share with you at least one “Golden Nugget” they picked up from him at every meeting. And yes the meeting could be just for 5 minutes! I got many such “Golden Nuggets” from Ian through my Coaching sessions and many interactions … and each one was put through the test – beaten, shaped and IANised, only to make me a better and more fulfilled human being. One test I have been successful is at Blogging. Thanks to this new habit I am writing this Blog!

In life we can read many books, learn new tools for improvement, acquire knowledge from peers, follow world leaders and their success stories BUT what you really need is a COACH LIKE IAN FARIA to make this Alchemy work.

You + Coach IAN + ACTion = The New You (IANized)

This blog is dedicated to IANites who are always ready to “Pay it Forward” in their lives. (one of Ian’s Golden Nugget) All IANites share a  similar story to mine … they have been Impacted by Ian – like if a Meteor hit earth … there is DEEP IMPACT, Permanent and forever Changed. I look forward to continuously connect with IANites whose lives  have been impacted in ways that only a IANite would know and understand.

Talk Temple is the place where all this IANisation occurs every day… visit them and experience the “IANosphere” for yourself.


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  1. Vinod, I honestly feel J and wish I were in Bangalore from reading about this ..! All the sharing you do on this blog is quite thought provoking. I’m glad that you’re able to articulate, and able to spread so much though provoking sparks.

  2. Vinod that was great tribute to Ian – written from the heart and so very sincere!! Extremely well written blog!! Congratulations!!

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