Post(er/it) boys

It was Friday afternoon and I called my old engineering friend for a quick meet up just like that. Before declining my request, he mentioned about the weekend plan for a meet up with a larger group of friends from our college. The brief was that a couple of them had just returned back from international trips and it was time to catch up. The subtext of that meet up was clear and so understandably I initially was reluctant. From the past meetups, I had a feel of what is in store for me. Better sense prevailed and I decided to make it and meet up with the poster boys of my batch. They deserve that tag line as whatever the group does it is liked, commented, spoken, messaged, Tweeted by all the other batch mates across the globe in social media. Think about local boys creating global impact.


I reached there by 6PM. The setting was quite naturally which I had anticipated. After the initial niceties were done it was time to do some proverbial pulls and punches. I started taking digs at few of them who are still holding to those last breath of hair. I encourage them instead not to care for the hair and dare their hair. I hard pressed them to put their head under the influence of the razor regularly. My razor sharp “how to” tips to keep a well-kempt “hairstyle” fell on deaf ears. The group had a classic blend of guys with thick hair, salt and pepper beard (oh god finally) and  Josh of the week (Abhinandan style mustache on closer looks). “Bald is bold”. In fact in the picture, it was evident who is “Razor Sharp” from “then( 1999)  and now (2019)”.


Once the “hair punches” were over it was time to “punch holes” into each other’s arguments. We went berserk with our quirks and eccentricities. We picked a couple of boys who had taken up a new job thanks to a resume consultant who had helped them with a good profile. They were otherwise struggling to self publish. On his new job, he started with usual subjects as not submitting claims because of his travels. In his new avatar, he has to travel a lot compared to his old job. We gave him tips and he was seen later smiling behind the camera as he was taking our pictures. For a moment we thought he was taking his selfie.

We prepared another person for his upcoming interview with a client. Friends really cared for the sad state of affairs (poor client) by offering him unlimited suggestions. Not sure whether he got any clue from us as he settled down with the wisdom given by his wife which is to picturise the worst case scenario. Feel the fear and do it anyway. I noticed that when you are in a state of fear or anxiety you are preparing yourself to grow.

Meanwhile, poster Boys kept food aggregators boys busy. As soon as the snacks arrived I saw some of the boys sprinted up like a cheetah chasing its dinner.

We pulled no punches, munched some snacks and quenched our thirst with some high spirits. We took best shots on camera from all skewed angles. To get the best-fit photos it was not an easy task when we were on full throttle with our wit and humor. Finally, it was time to capture images. This was one of the most fascinating parts. On display were cell phones with the best photogenic lenses. Interestingly one camera (phone)  had to be swiveled forward to get the right angle. As soon as the images were clicked we will flock together to rate the shot and then clear for sharing it with the world. The images broadcasted could convey the fun and camaraderie we had in those two hours. Their “high spirited”demeanor never faded. In those whacky moments, I witnessed how much we were in our elements.


Finally with the addition of a final member of the “Bangalore Poster Boys,” it was time to discuss our mega gathering called “ENCORE ”. This is the silver jubilee meet up with people joining in from all parts of the world from CET 94 batch. It became the center of discussion.


Praise was showered on the working committee in charge of collecting funds and arranging logistics. It was commendable to understand how a couple of members were sponsoring others who need some financial help. It was heartening to note how my friend pushed me to register for the event and I was glad I did. Though chances of my attendance depended entirely on my official travels. I noted that most of these boys are aware of the latest updates on the union and is pushing all the levers to get the maximum participation and make this a big success.

Harvard professor Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar says, “40 percent pursuit of happiness lies in a person’s choice”. I was happy that I made the right choice. I noticed that I let my (metaphorical )hair down and was in my zone when all their spirits were on display.

Poster boys at the end of two hours became “post it” boys, as they posted images in various WhatsApp groups and social media.  The world will not know how much fun we had when we were together.

The real fun happens when we meet real friends in person.

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