I will recollect this July 2020 for having written the maximum number of blogs, including this 10th one. It was the race to 150 that made me stick to my writing routine. This morning, I was reading Innercise ( a new kind of habit, reading on Kindle) and it said that routines beat size or in other words, consistency is more important than intensity. I was curious to take a look back at this July 2020 on all that happened in my life.

Apart from being my birthday month, this time for a change, I decided to gift myself the 150th blog. Apart from my birthday, there were things that caught my attention. I sustained my new habit this July as well when 95% of days I got up before 5 AM. I had the chance to read ( skim would be the right word ) a variety of books. The list of the books included SOAR, Perennial seller, Miracle equation, Hi potential, Hard things about hard things and the Power of Myth. This is a new habit formed in this July not to stick with a book cover to cover. Two books which made me stick with it are Miracle Morning ( hard copy) and Innercise on Kindle.

Another habit sustained was walking and along with it listening to a podcast. I enjoyed podcasts shows with Michale Hyatt, Jay Shetty, Susan David, Marie Foleo and John Assaraf. Some of these podcasts made me take notes on the go and I used to type on my phone while I used to walk. It was funny one day I literally bumped into a speed walker from the opposite side. When that happened I literally laughed inside on my eccentricity. I owe two habits, getting up early in the morning and listening to podcasts to my old friend from Delhi. Early morning walk combined with listening to podcasts was refreshing. It was also the time to connect with nature and observe things around during those walks with the podcasts. They say “podcasts are music for the mind. “

Alex Blumberg quote: A lot of people listen to podcasts because ...

We had our bit of low points when we heard about the sudden death of Sushant and also my close friend’s mother. These moments make you aware of how to value life. It was also touching to read news of COVID warriors sacrificing their lives and that was one of the discussions with a well-reputed researcher from an institute a few weeks back. This pandemic has thrown a curveball in some many peoples’ lives. I hope families take courage and move forward in their lives. They say life is full of dualities and polarities. As a family, we had our share of moments, we laughed a lot. I particularly enjoyed Ken Robinson’s talks and some old comedy movies I watched with my wife and had a good time with my daughters. I also had a good time catching up with my old engineering folks.

July will be remembered for offering good things I enjoyed and sad things. But William Shakespeare will differ as he said, “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

Maybe that’s why its called “Ma(July)gical.

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