RICH(109) Stories

Microstory 106 – Risk 


I was hearing Brendon Burchard during my morning walk. In that, he talks about human connection. While I was coming back from my walk,  I was about to take the elevator. I saw my apartment mate who is my Hey Bye friend. I had that intention at that point to connect and have a conversation. I took a couple of steps and said,” Good morning, you have to go to work”. He lowered his mask and said, ” Yes some time”. I then asked him, ” Are you in HR”. He politely replied,” No I am in risk assessment“.  The moment he uttered those words I took three steps backward. I bid goodbye wishing him a great day and fled the scene.

Microstory 107 – Writing


My wife told my younger daughter that she can go down to play at 4 PM with the mask on. They wanted to leave by 3.00 PM. I thought the best way to keep them occupied was to engage them in reading one of my blogs. I picked ” Joy of little things”. Her friend read it and they enjoyed it, devoured it (not sure). They both said, ” We want to write too!”. I told them you can write and you should start soon. The next day my daughter started writing. In the evening they created a WhatsApp group ” Dads vs Daughters” and added me and her Dad into the group. I am waiting for what’s next…

Microstory 108 –  Care


My daughter had one line of classes for 10 days. In one of the session, I observed that she was not comfortable with the teacher. She was playing with her toys while the online class was on. Also in her revolving chair, she was twisting and turning and was smiling from a distance. I went in and told her to pay attention, my wife also told her but it had no effect. Later, I saw my older daughter advising her. We don’t know what happened but in the evening we got this note pinned on her desk, Don’t care about the teacher mostly care about the subject .”

Microstory 109 –  Untold Story


I saw that disturbing message on WhatsApp and I went and told my wife and elder daughter. They were stunned. The next few hours they couldn’t get that news out of their mind. I had not seen any of his pictures in the hero role, but they have seen M.S.Dhoni -The Untold story. There was gloom in my wife’s face. She got images of her brother who had an untimely death. I liked a song sung by Arijit picturized on him. That was the only image I had of him. A young actor has gone too soon and a paradox of reel life and real life. He brought to life an untold real-life story of M.S. Dhoni into reel life and left too soon, his real-life story untold…gone too soon. 


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