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I tried a couple of times to reach him. His phone was coming engaged. I dropped a message, our sincere condolences. I got to know from a whatsapp group that his mother had passed away a few hours back. Finally I could get him at 15 minutes past 10 in the night. We spoke for a few minutes and in those few minutes he told me one incident. It seems that for the past two days his mother had asked him to take leave and be with him. He initially dismissed it and told her that you must be joking. She repeatedly told him that I am going to go away soon. He did as she said and he felt content. He was there for her.

He has been my friend for life, my mother keeps saying this to everyone. He was always been there for me when it came to buying my first car, my first house and later as well. A few days back he had called me from the hospital to check on what’s happening with me. That he did with unfailing regularity. Something which I learned from him. All our school friends like him for his social nature and caring attitude. He is ready to help anyone and go the extra mile. Whenever I was faced with difficult situations I would call him for his support and advice.

I had the opportunity to interact with my friend’s father and mother and also play host in Calcutta when I took them around to see the places. I still recollect how much she loved to talk. His father is a man of few words with a great sense of humour. She was a witty person, full of energy and love. My elder daughter recollected how she grabbed her close and showered her with love when she came to our apartment. Whenever I know that they are in Bangalore I used to either meet them at their house or invite to our house. There was a certain warmth about the elderly couple I liked. In many ways, a lot of my family members know my friend and his parents very well. My mother has also travelled with them to a couple of places together. In the last days of my uncle, my friend made it a point to take his father and meet my uncle in the hospital. They both had worked together and that is how our family ties bonded.

My wife remembered her for being there with her when we heard the sad news of my brother in law”s demise. I remember last seeing her a couple of years back coming to our home and chatting with us. I also had the opportunity to meet her along with my mom when she was not well. On behalf of people who know my friend, family and people who know her, we pay our tribute through this blog.

I will miss her as I recollect once again the only person from that generation (elderly couples) who used to call me by full name. She never asked my marks in school and always told me an old tale from the bygone days when we catch up. I will miss that chai and chat with you.

I will continue to cherish our friendship and wanted to let you know my sincere condolences at a time when I couldn’t be with you to share this grief.

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  1. Will always remember aunty and all her stories from the past…I have had the chance to interact with aunty only a few times…but each of those times have left me with a lovely story to recall…along with her jovial and loving natureโค
    Loved what you have penned down about her. Praveen, you have a great friend by ur side.

  2. Canโ€™t agree more.. he is a friend who is always there for you, no matter what.. I lean to him for any tough situation I get into.. I had the luck to enjoy being the guest at his parents home.. my heartfelt condolences and prayers for her that her soul rest in peace..

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