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Microstory 110 –  Skills 

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I saw a video and I told my mom that it is better to have garlic and ginger in the morning.  So my mother gave me this idea to make rasam and drink daily. So there I was in the kitchen and  I made rasam and it turned out to be green in color. I was wondering what happened. Whatever I had in the past it was always brown. Then I realized that I had thrown in lots of coriander and it dominated the taste as well as the color. The next time I wanted to make the same concoction I went to my wife and asked her where the turmeric was, the garlic was, the utensils were, and how much ginger I had to put and what all to add. My wife showed me the meme on her Whatsapp which was shared by my mother in law. 

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Microstory 111 – Siblings fight 

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It was the fight of the year. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it or maybe something like that would have happened when I was traveling. I analyzed the situation and asked my younger daughter to apologize as I thought my younger daughter did the wrong thing by eating a very special thing her sister had kept in the refrigerator. She went to her to tell her sorry but she ignored her and so she was upset. I told her to give her 24 hours because it takes that much time for someone to recover.

The next day I was giving some words to wisdom to my younger daughter how she should not compare things ( toys, devices) with her friends. When I turned down her request for a new device she was dejected and sat on the sofa in my room sofa. I went up to console her. She told me, “give me 24 hours”.

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Microstory 112  –  Retired 

One of my business colleagues narrated this story of a retired person.  This gentleman had retired and he had been given a retirement party. A few days later he went to his office to collect some documents. He retired at a very senior level and he was used to a daily dose of respect showered by the staff. On that day it was not meant to be. Even the person at the entrance didn’t salute him. He was noticing that the rest of the staff had to put up a smile just to make him feel comfortable. He narrated a very nice analogy to my friend. He said when we are working we are like the king and queen in the chessboard. Chess is a board game. We are guarded and there will be sacrifices made by the front line people. But when the game is over the players put all the pieces- king, queen, bishop, and the pawns in the same cover and there is no distinction. That was a Simon Sinek moment when he says, “we only deserve a styreform cup”. 


Microstory 113 – Painting and Planner 

In that moment of ” Fight vs Flight” when you are enraged you will do things that you will regret later. So my elder daughter tore my younger daughter’s painting which was there on their bedroom door. I had stuck that picture on their door and so I decided to fix it. Fixing a torn painting was not easy. I couldn’t align the torn shapes correctly.  After many failed attempts I almost gave up till I looked at what was behind the painting. As I saw it I got the idea. I had given her the 2019 year planner and she had used that planner and converted into a painting. My room is covered with planners. I write on my daily planner every day and I could visualize it even in my sleep. Putting that planner together was a piece of cake. Sometimes daily habits have unexpected spin-offs!

Microstory 114 – Old friend 

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I saw his call coming and I didn’t accept it last week. I will always have the excuse that I was busy.  This time I felt a little uncomfortable as I picked the call and started speaking to him. After the initial pleasantries and apologies from my side, we spoke for the next 15 minutes about a lot of people whom we knew each other from the old days. I inquired about his well being and family’s health. During the conversation, we reminisced about the old days in my home town when I was in my school and college. I had to look up to him because he was so tall, 6 feet plus. He had a shop and we used to stop by when we came back from school to have an evening snack. He knew most of my close relatives. I felt so happy after the call as he ended the call by saying these words, ” You are one of those few people whom I feel like calling and that is why I call you”. I committed to him that every month I will call him on a Sunday henceforth. 

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