You end Up FIRST

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I had slept very late the previous night and so had got up late too. I was traveling. I do not check WA messages often when I am on travel but that day saw two messages from my Bengaluru boys. A sense of gloom instantly occupied me. I immediately responded to my friend, “my sincere condolences”.

He had put a picture of his mother in WA. Instantly I recollected how lucky I was to see her a week back. There are two mothers of my friends who call me by my full name. She was one of them and the other had left for heavenly abode last year.

As a family, we had the last chance to meet her before the pandemic. She was not just cheerful herself but was the cause of cheer in us. I remember how much she spoke to us and that warmth lingers on. She was so “graceful” just like my wife’s maternal grandmother. There are certain people with whom we have an instant rapport because of how they make us feel good.

300+ Condolence Messages → Comforting Words of Sympathy

I couldn’t have met her if I had not seen my phone just in time on that Saturday

I couldn’t have met her if I had not met my friends on that Saturday

I couldn’t have met her hadn’t my friends not mentioned multiple times that she was serious

I couldn’t have met her if I had organized something that night as it was our anniversary the next day

From this episode, I realized one thing how much luck played a part in that opportunity to see her. As I had traveled frequently for the last 6 months that Friday was a rare chance. Instinct really is wiser as I recollected a line from Robin Sharma’s book.

I messaged my friend and got the last glimpse of her. She was weak and couldn’t place me. But that “charm” on her face was still there despite her medical condition. She aged gracefully. Oscar Wilde put it so nicely “ Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been“.

Looking back that opportunity to see and meet her was a RICH moment.

When the rare chance comes, seize itTo do the rare deed.... Quote by  Thiruvalluvar, Kural - QuotesLyfe

I used to tell my wife when we used to go to our hometown that we should go and meet seniors in our family. However, pandemics had intensified that as well. Yesterday, I was hearing a Tamil song “Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee” (lyrics below) that touched me during my walk in the morning and I thought of dedicating this to her. I can imagine how much the bereaved family will be missing her very badly.

Mudhal Nee, Mudivum Nee which meant ” You are the beginning, You are the end “. Another translation shared ” You end Up FIRST” which to me is a RICH tribute to that “elegant and glowing ” person.

Vazhiyengum Pala Bimbam
Adhil Naan Saaya Tholillaye
Unn Pola Yaarum Illaye

All Over The Way, Many Images Come Across
But I Find No Refuge In Them
There Is None Like You

I am humbled when my life intersects with such nice human beings and I will miss her during our next trips to my friend’s house.

Eleanor Roosevelt Quote: “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,  but beautiful old people are works

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