RICH Stories (189)

Microstory 187 – Frozen

I was on the flight busy reading. One gentleman, masked up, saw that I was making notes and was scribbling. When the flight came to a halt, he asked me the names of the books I was reading. I showed him:

What the Heck You Want To Do with your Life”

” Do Epic Shit “.

He froze, stopped making eye contact and quickly moved on.

Franz Kafka Quote: “A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.”

Microstory 188 – Hobbies

Yesterday I was in a book shop with my colleague as he wanted to buy a book. I introduced him to the guy who helps me with the best collections of my interest. Being a good salesman himself he made sure that my friend got what he wanted. He then brought around 5 books and showed them to me as the best sellers and I was getting tempted to buy a couple of them. But then I resisted. I was reminded of this wisdom from ― Mary Ann Shaffer, “I have gone to the bookshop for years, always finding the one book I wanted – and then three more I hadn’t known I wanted.” My inner voice reminded me of that tweet that my wife had shared with me a couple of days before. Finally, I ended up buying one against 5 which I typically do.

reading-and-buying-are-different-hobbies | Read Ramble Repeat

Microstory 188 – 20 Years

My elder daughter asked me, ” Are you guys not going out for your anniversary ?” I said, ” We are yet to find a good coffee joint around our place”. Finally we landed in a Third-wave which used to be ( pre-pandemic) part of a famous coffee joint that is slowly disappearing. My wife asked this question, ‘ What has changed for us in the last twenty years?” I shared my perspectives. We both agreed on how two tea drinkers have moved to coffee and Chamomile tea. We sat there and had our favourite drinks. I saw an advertisement that had this caption on the way back. “More space, more privacy, and more luxury“. That was interesting and it summed up our twenty years in a distracted world.

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