I remember my brother in law raving about the movie Bourne Identity. I didn’t know about Matt Damon then . But today when I had seen two movies of Matt Damon ( Oppenheimer and Air), I am tempted to have a go at seeing the Bourne identity series. 6 years ago on this fateful day we bid farewll to my brother in law. Some things which I remember about him…

He used to enjoy all the football championships particularly the European championships. I have seen how he and my father in law used to watch those games. Their knowledge of the players and championship was up to date. There was a time when I noticed that my elder daughter also learned quite a few things from the duo.

I asked my younger daughter who is 12 yrs now about BIL the other day. She said he was very nice and funny. I am sure her memories were limited. But I recollect how we used to take his presence for granted in the house and at times used to leave both our girls with him.

Another thing which I remember is how he would engage in reading books. Like my wife who will do whatever it takes to finish books. They will be occupying all the places in the house to finish reading those books. They will be standing , walking , eating and lying down in the bed or sofa. They will get so engrossed in books that it is a sight to watch. Both of them had very good reading habits and they used to engage in very interesting conversations about authors and books.

He was a computer games afficionado and would go to any great lengths and I have seen how my elder daughter also used to play and understand those from him.

I owe him a lot and sincerely recollect all those memories…

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