Just The Way You Are…

We are all around the dining table and I would be ready for our playlist “Potli Mix”. Then comes the immediate comment from my elder daughter, ” That song is so sad”. I will then hand over the phone and the playlist to her and ask her to put out her favourite songs. Over time I started liking most of her songs and has become part of my playlist. So wherever I have gone in my last year of travel I have carried these playlists with me. I enjoyed hearing those songs that she has added to my playlist. From the ones she had added I liked one particular song from Bruno Mars. I am aware of some of her favourite songs by Adele, Ed Sheeran and ilk. The potli mix songs are meant to stimulate me in the morning. I was also encouraging my daughter to create her own playlists as she is now packing her bags to pursue her studies in a different city. I was recollecting how I had packed my bags and left my hometown to study in a different town. That experience to understand the world of handling a set of new people with whom we have to study, play, eat and travel. I made new friends and also got exposure to a new way of living. It is so true that parents give us two gifts.

If we are giving them roots and wings what did I learn from my elder daughter? I thank her for changing my life’s perspectives in more ways than one. Here is a short list from my side of where my elder daughter has influenced me so far…

I like the way you replaced those sad songs with mad songs in my playlist 

I like the way you and your friends gave me the vibes while we had dinner & lunch together

I thank you for supporting me in my squabbles with my wife and in the end, there was no winner

I like the way you showed me the mirror with your wit and tact

I like the way you guys made the car journey wonderful with your playlist and anecdotes

I like the way you made me taste new food, particularly the dessert 

I was always curious if you will ask me to change my dress to look more sensible 

I like the way you took care of the wardrobe arrangement

Thank you for making me watch the Suits series and Badla movie which I initially resisted

I am aware that we are going through the “Sign of the Times” ( another favourite song of my elder daughter). I was in a conversation with my friend and we were discussing the topic of Maya and Leela during that time I was trying to connect parenting with “Mine-ness and I-ness”. Finally, parenting is also about raising a parent.

On the eve of this Independence day let this phase of life herald a very different experience. Let me sign off with lyrics from Bruno Mars which capture my mind.

Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
‘Cause girl, you’re amazing
Just the way you are

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