Paint our way…

Hearing the song, my younger daughter said, ” Isn’t this the song which Alexa played for the first time on that day “? I said, ” Yes Indeed”.

That was the day when my elder daughter was moving to a new place. It was for her next level of studies and my wife was going along with her to support her in settling down. As the vehicle disappeared from the basement I saw that my younger daughter was ok as she had gotten up from her sleep and was still half asleep. We got inside our home and I asked her to go back to sleep, to which she initially agreed. After a while, she came running to me and that is when it hit her how much she will miss her sister. She told me, “Isn’t it weird”?I could sense what she wanted to convey. We sat down together and I had a talk. After that I said, let us reconnect Alexa, and OK Google. I did so and I asked Alexa to play the latest Bollywood numbers. The first song it played was the song Deva Deva which was released 5 days back and I haven’t heard before. Being a big fan of Arijit I instantly liked it and I played it in a loop. I tried my luck with translation and it fetched this result.

This Scintilla (Sparks) In Me

Which Is Repressed Deep Inside Me

Let Them Come Out

I had a moment of awakening when my daughter recounted that song during that car trip. In my case as well I remember things through music. The first time I sang in front of the tape recorder, was ” Suhani Raat”. On another occasion I sang at a family function a devotional song, I remember the first time when I heard, ” Pehla Nasha” and plenty of Rafi songs, Sufi songs while I was staying in a hotel, Sonu Nigam’s Kannada songs, and nowadays Arijit’s songs. I was reminded of a billboard I saw recently during my travel, ” What moves you makes you” and music has moved me all my life and I’ve made use of it liberally in my blogs.

The other day, my wife told me that she also knows a little bit of psychology. I instantly asked her which book she is reading these days. In my mind, I wondered whether she had caught me red-handed for something. This is a classic case of “one’s proclamation becoming others’ embarrassment“. She was taking credit for what she did in our daughter’s room. She had re-arranged the room for my younger daughter as a surprise. My wife felt that the only way to fill the void is by shifting the furniture around in the room. My younger daughter felt good about it and we could notice that in the next days how her energy levels were going up. I had a similar experience with my writing as well. I had to change so many places sometimes to get my writing act together. Sometimes you need to change the material things around so that you get material for your blogs. As I saw somewhere during my trips “your world becomes your words“. A couple of days back I brought her some chocolate chip cookies and she enjoyed having all of them together. Yesterday when went for a quick shopping there again she wanted to have cookies.

On the one hand, my younger daughter was complimenting her elder sister, on the other hand, she mentioned their fights. I felt that the below verses came true once again :

“Our roots say we’re sisters, our hearts say we’re friends.”

“A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves —a special kind of double.”

“Sister is our first friend and second mother.”

Siblings will take time to settle down in new environments and eventually they will adapt. As a parent, it is important to recognise that our settling down is important to the new environment even sooner. As I frequent her room these days I couldn’t take my eyes off two quotes that she has written and painted and stuck on her study table. It went like these

Arbeit ist die beste jacke

( the best way to warm yourself is by doing something)

Kleinvieh macht auch mist

(many a mickle makes a muckle- small steps lead to big outcomes)

I believe children will figure out a way. Parenting is called the ” art of parenting” and not science and in my humble opinion, we have to figure out our way and also paint our way just like how children have done it.

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