Like Never before

In 2020 I have done things like never before. Here is my summary of 30 things that made me realize that there is always a new beginning

  1. Never before have I, on the trot, got up continuously for 2 months at 5 AM and felt good about the sleep

2. Never before have I got up in the morning and cleared the dishwasher and still regained my energy

3. Never before have I drank coffee and green tea early in the morning in my life

4. Never before have I typed so much in a day and yet never felt tired

5. Never before was I curious about learning things in a new way. I have become a digital sponge.

6. Never before have I asked so many questions in life to my ‘digital pets’ Alexa and OK Google

7. Never before have I discovered so many books which I would like to read and made the reading list.

8. Never before have I read so much on Kindle ( Think like a monk, Innercise and Limitless) and felt that I can do my note-taking in an e-way

9. Never before have I made so many journals in my life

10. Never before have I listened so much to my family and learned and corrected my self

11. Never before in a year have I spoken to my mother every day during the height of the pandemic and all the calls were less than 5 minutes.

12. Never before have I put out so many 1 minute videos on my learnings from the world.

13, Never before have I appreciated the creative ideas of kids and learned one important thing, ” Stop buying your kids what you never had and start teaching them what you never knew.”

14. Never before have I appreciated my YouTube feed and appreciated the algorithm for getting me some of those links which I would have never got

15. Never before have I painted my room with so many post-its that it was looking crazy for some and innovative for others.

16. Never before have I tried so much variety in my diet. I realized that I need very little to eat and yet have the energy to do everything that I want to do.

17. Never before have I walked and heard podcasts in the morning even if it meant a cloudy morning.

18. Never before have I done so much virtual mentoring and coaching and also received so much feedback for improvement

19. Never before have I had the opportunity to play a virtual emcee and also be a virtual moderator for a panel discussion.

20. Never before have I deleted so much Whatsapp materials and also downloaded materials that resonated with me

21. Never before have I invested so much in myself by attending online courses, virtual workshops, and virtual mentoring sessions.

22. Never before have I traveled less in a year and yet traveled a lot inside my head.

23. Never before have I felt so much gratitude and I wrote a gratitude journal for more than 100 days and I’m still doing the same.

24. Never before have I listened to songs by Salil Choudhary and picked interest in listening to Sufi music.

25. Never before have I seen the use of Online calendars and I for one was also guilty of invading others’ calenders during noon and late evening for a call. We have never witnessed how people are vying for open slots on your calendar.

26. Never seen so many movies with family and also watched a couple of movies alone while I was doing some mundane things.

27. Never before have I heard, ” Is our net working ” by my wife and kids. They have made more visits to my room to check whether the net is working rather than I am working.

28. Never before have I connected with school and college friends virtually and had good laughs.

29. Never before have I observed nature so keenly during my walk or during those early morning coffee times on my balcony.

30. Never before have I felt that ” I am good ” and ” I am enough”

So today when I heard from Vishen Lakhani, ” Imagine how your life will unfold if you took the rubbings of the world and you used it to fine-tune and polish your vision”.

I decided what to do like never before in 2021:

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