Can a book review TILT you?


tiltWould you go for a book review at 10 AM on a Sunday morning? Well 30 people did just that. The book: Code of Extraordinary mind by Vishen Lakhiani anchored by Ian Faria and team at Talk Temple. This was an in – group (TILT- The India Leadership Think tank) with great minds.

The idea of a book review is a boring affair. In my mind, I had these questions “What is the format of a book review? What am I going to get?”

Ian kicked off the session mentioning that there are no formats and you will only get something if you give something.  Instantly I understood that if there are more patterns, more structures there is less learning (Tilt moment).  Now to the age group- the youngest was 73 to the eldest who was 18 Yrs. Collective Intelligence was on display all through the 4 hours.

A few people impacted me:

I met a commissioner who was selflessly in pursuit of getting visually challenged kids into schools, all of us bowed to him. I interacted with another lady, who had quit a safe corporate job and jumped in to take care of her husband’s manufacturing business. I told her you are manning the unmanned territory. One guy introduced himself “I am a villain! My job is to find faults.” Later I found that he was in Quality department. There were many others including a person who mentioned “prepare your kids for the universe not for the university!” (I later found that he has not read the book!)

It was time for me to reflect on the learning. I codified my above experiences under the acronym “COM”:

Challenge – Our Mind loves to predict patterns. No Pattern=No Framework. Dare to be Naïve? Do not patronize or placate, only push each other. Operate without a safety net.

Openness – Let your guard down. Many people in this group shared lots of personal stories

Meaning – Our brains are meaning making machines and it wires and rewires when you hear authentic stories and it starts picturising and believing.

Let me share some TILT level habits to BLISSIPLINE (a new word from the book):

  1. Gratitude – Keep a journal and list the things you are grateful for before going to bed and this is a good place to start.
  2. Forgiveness – If someone has hurt you, you are getting hurt by not forgiving. Practice Random Forgiveness every time and move in.
  3. Give without expecting – Every day give something to another person, it could be ‘sharing what you learned and sharing a golden nugget’.

Any book review would be going chapter by chapter. These were chapters of peoples’ lives. None of us is as smart as all of us.

In Angela Duckworth’s book “GRIT” it is said, “If you are in the company of grittier people you get gritty.” In my view, it was the Grit that de-centred me and I was tilted.

I got hooked by the book before the review. Post review I got hooked by collective views,

In my last blog, I mentioned about “Rest is work.” This weekend I understood “What works is right.” When people focus on learning as a group, “Book ” becomes incidental.

Are you looking to “book a 4 hrs weekend?” One thing is guaranteed. There are no guarantees. You get tilted when there are no guarantees.

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