“Jest @ 2020”

In jest, there is truth.... | Inspirational Quote by William Shakespeare

We’re rounding out 2020 in 17 days. The pandemic continues to shape our lives and language. So let me toss out some corona anecdotes and jokes that I’ve heard and seen in the last 9 months. My short summary would be chores and wares ( Software, Hardware, and Kitchen).

An interesting fact I have noticed is the nice interplay of Software, Hardware, and Kitchenwares.

Never before would the world have downloaded so much software. In fact, I am sure today we have identified so much security software. In our apartment, guys who have changed their jobs got their hardware shipped with the help of our security agents in the apartment. I recollect how things were made so easy with Amazon which shipped the new hardware configured with the software through another company and was delivered by Dunzo into our apartment gate and finally it was in the custody of our security staff. Some of our curious security staff have in fact started understanding what is inside these packages and started increasing their knowledge base.

There were numerous videos of people trying their culinary skills. The inner chef in them popped out and mixed with an ambitious load of enthusiasm. In fact, my wife was mentioning that as per a Twitter survey the most common sound during online calls was the sound of the pressure cooker!

There was a common WhatsApp joke:

I used to run from the dining room for attending the call and this is what happened one day instead of opening my laptop:

It was in one of the review calls that I had to present some reports and I realised the importance of this message:

In fact, some of the most common friends have a fair idea of our houses. I have three seating arrangements to take my calls. One is the main seat, the second one is a sofa in my room and the other one is a small round table with a chair on the balcony. In one of my calls, people ask me about the book library, balcony, and home office setups. As per Twitter, this is one data they recorded from all the calls:

My daughter attends her online dance classes on Saturdays and Sundays. The other day I heard the dance teacher cautioning students and I had a laugh inside. She said, ” If your videos are off for 10 seconds or more I will move you to the lobby”. I did not get what she meant. So I asked my daughter for clarification. During our days, teachers used to ask us to stand outside the class in case we have done something mischievous or failed to practice, or not done our homework. I realized that breakout rooms are the digital equivalent of asking a child to stand outside the classroom!

And we have to reset this adage

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