Micro Story 25

I noticed that my younger daughter was restless. She was struggling to get those tiny toys out of a bottle. No wonder we call it a bottleneck. She was tearing her hair and finally, she gave up and gave it up to me to get the last tiny toy from the bottle. My engineering brain was pressed into action. I also thought of taking a risk. I told her, “see what I am going to do and see what is the outcome.” I poured some soap solution into the bottle and shook it well. My repeated attempts to get that tiny one were met with failure and one great thing I noticed that she was not making fun of me. Finally magic happened. The tiny little one came out of the neck of the bottle very smoothly. The best part of the challenge was my understanding was that she “gave up to give me” encouragement to pull it through the bottleneck and she asked for help.

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Micro Story 26

I had the opportunity to conduct a 2.5 Hrs vulnerability session last week for TILT teams. At one point, I asked this question”Do men cry?”. There was no response from the men in the audience. I quoted the effect of Tony Robbin’s Netflix episode on me a week ago. As somebody said and I completely allude to it is ” Men don’t cry, they just write“.

Micro Story 27

Once in a while, I take the local bus to the nearby mall. It is so convenient. One afternoon I was waiting for the bus. I suddenly saw a lady and a short girl crossing the street. The lady was dressed well and was wearing slippers. The girl was less than well dressed and was without slippers. But the way she was walking drew not just my attention but also a couple of bike riders. I was amazed at her confidence as she was walking and it made me instantly judge our possessions. Do we buy more than we need? It made me think of the Diderot effect where buying one thing leads us to buy a whole lot of things just to complement it. As a result, we end up buying things that our previous selves never needed to feel happy or fulfilled.

I saw a short video by Sonam Wanchuk where he appeals ” Please live simply so that we may simply live“.

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Micro Story 28

I had the opportunity to be part of a leadership team at TILT and the first group was named 3HOT. 3H’s stood for Head, Heart, and Hand. From then on I was interested in the alchemy of the three. Recently I saw this from the London school of economics head Director Minouche Shafik mentioning ” “In the past jobs were about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in future, they’ll be about the heart”  when it comes to the future of work and automation

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Micro Story 29

My wife was very insistent to get some crackers ( just to please my younger daughter)  and lights. We went to a nearby shop. We picked the crackers and I was ready to pay at the counter. I noticed that she was occupied in selecting a whole set of lights (Diya in Hindi) in different hues and colors. I was not sure why she was taking so much time to select. On that bright day, I was corroding my thoughts with darkness.  I got the answer when my wife and elder one decorated the house and I was enlightened by the radiance of the light and it opened my eyes. Sometimes we have to close our eyes and face the darkness so that someone can open our eyes and show us the light.

Micro Story 30

We were in the car and was going to drop my daughter for tuition. There was a U-turn at which I slowed down and I looked through the window if there was any vehicle coming from the other direction. It was nice when one person slowed down the vehicle and allowed us to take the turn. Through the window, I waved my hand and thanked him. My younger daughter noticed this gesture and asked me, ” why did you do that ?”. I explained the reason and told her that we must thank people for help. I turned on the music in the car. The song which played immediately made us laugh out loud. It was   “Matlabi”

Matlabi Ho Ja Zara Matlabi
Duniya Ki Sunta Hai Kyun
Khud Ki Bhi Sun Le Kabhi

What a contrast?

Image result for You might think they are not listening but they are always watching". 

Kids mimic your behaviors.









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