Weekly Potpourri – Hope

Ever since I started this weekly digest of things from my life, I have noticed that I am paying a lot of attention to what I am thinking and doing in my life.

Last week I blogged on the current fever that has gripped the nation. In the past, my wife and I never turned to sports pages even if there was any cricket news. Today we read and analyse cricketing shots and eagerly look forward to not just our matches. In fact yesterday I was watching a match on Hotstar and she was watching it on Star TV. It was quite funny when I look back at our conversation. We spoke more about cricket and less about “how the day went ” as we were in two different cities. Also when I mentioned that Pakistan might chase down this total then they would get into the semi-finals. To which she said they are already 8 down so may not happen. But on my screen, it was still 7 wickets. I later decoded and understood that Star TV Live and Hotstar Live ( maybe my buffering) is close to 4 balls difference. Be that as it may, I am sure we all enjoy the intersection of cricket with festivals around the corner.

Who will forget the way K L Rahul sank onto his knees, his eyes wide, in disbelief at what he’d just done? This image stood apart and went viral. Here’s KL Rahul accidentally hit a six to win India’s first World Cup match against Australia, stranding himself on 97 and falling just short of a century. I liked his candid admission which was admirable.

Also, cricket mania has caught us so much that we watched some of the matches just to see the competitive nature of the game. Even went to the extent of supporting Afghanistan when my wife was making roti in the kitchen. Even she wanted to get a ball-by-ball view of what was happening on the field. Maybe this is all since the carnival is happening in our country and we are all hopeful that this time it’s our turn. I was reading India Today’s weekly magazine which had carried the cover page ” Will our boys win?”

So what else other than cricket? Travel and meetings dominated last week. There was one thing that caught my attention: A day when I did not see the cell phone for more than 8 Hrs. It was tough, to be frank, and that made me understand how this device has become part of life. I agreed, “Cell users now treat their gadget as a body appendage,” said Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet and the American Life project, in a statement. 

It was slated to be a difficult meeting for us as there was an escalation. I noticed that my team members had some concerns. As we were walking by the lawn towards the building I suddenly saw a grasshopper hopping into my trouser. My instant reaction was, ” Good fortune is on the horizon”. They burst into peels of laughter and that was the frame of mind I wanted just before the meeting. I was curious to check this spiritual inclination of a grasshopper’s appearance in your life. The simple message I got was this one which made my day.

Hope Moves Life – Even the tiny grasshopper moves with hope. Hope that its next hop will make it land on grass which is better than the grass on which it is currently sitting – Akhil

So just like the grasshopper let us hope that our boys continue their run of success in the championship and win this prestigious trophy. I was amazed at the kind of catches in some of the matches particularly the one Jadeja and Rahul took in our last game with Bangladesh.

K L Rahul hoped that his shot would end in a boundary and Kohli hoped that the bowler would not throw a wide. Rahul sat down to see if the ball had crossed the fence, and Kohli stood up to make sure that the ball had crossed the fence. I was listening to Shayaad by Arijit Singh today and in the comments section, I saw someone reproducing these lines from the song for a lover. I thought this footage and lines made a perfect blend like the way Kohli went about getting those twenty runs to get to his 49th century in ODI.

Chahat kasam nahi hai , Koi rasam nai hai , Dil ka Vahem nai hai , Paana hai tum ko

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