RICH Uncut April 2021

Ringside view

This was the month where my in-laws got their second dose of vaccine. We too jumped in to get our jab.

We had to face a lot of ” Oh No” in social situations. Most of my non-mallu friends starting asking me ” You have not seen Kumbalangi nights?!” Finally, I marked it on my calendar with my wife. Let us finish this movie. So on the 4th of May, we saw it and I am sure by this we improved our social ranking notches higher than before in front of the public. I liked it

Afterward, in April we also saw the old film ” Yodha“. This has an interesting twist. Our daughters never took notice of any of our appeals to watch this movie. But when our stupid reactions reacted to a song from this movie it made them sit up and take notice. Even stupid reactions have a new meaning.

I had the opportunity to do a blogging session with a few sets of people interested in blogging from TILT. Another was an invite as a panelist on Fridays with Faria’s session on ” Discovering self”.

From a reading side, I started the ” War of Art ” & “Courage to be disliked”.

My wife taught me about “Leftie loosie, Righty Tighty”.

I completed my 200th blog and I celebrated myself in my own way.

I discovered Naval Ravikanth and his philosophies of life.

I completed two years with my current firm.

Remembered Irfan and saw one more movie ” Qareeb Qareeb Single“.

I did some quick check on ” Fertile crescent

I enjoyed speaking on “experience is the comb that nature gives us after we are bald.”

Best Quote of the month was “How you see it is how it is” – Gary Vee.


One of my friends was not well. He messaged me and asked, ” Can you come to the hospital and be with me ?” This was on April 2nd. There are moments where you just decide. We were there and later he told me that it was more for moral support that he had called me.

April 11th is when we went out for the last time in April. We were not cognisant of the 2nd wave. The next few weeks were very traumatic. The last week of April has been the toughest. A Wednesday to remember… My wife came into my room and showed me the picture of a person who passed away whom she knew well and I knew him through her, an old colleague of mine. A tyranny of virus which dictated some many lives. Every day in the paper ( we didn’t have any news channel nor was I seeing social media) young lives lost as help couldn’t reach them on time. Here I want to mention about that person who I never knew, who we tried to help, his life cut short as he was admitted late to a hospital. We felt so helpless for the hapless.


I did a little check on the second wave of Spanish flu in 1918. History repeated itself. The second wave was the deadliest then and now. Medical Science didn’t have the tools then but now yes. This is how I see the world now is through the lens of a rational optimist and nature has the answer. We have only one thing to hold on to.


Inosculation is a natural phenomenon in which trunks, branches, or roots of two trees grow together. The thinner tree was cut years ago and the big one has been holding and feeding it since then. They “wake up” together in the spring and “go to sleep” together in the autumn. RICH Uncut April 2021 was moving and painful just like the way the thinner tree was cut.

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