RICH Stories ( 172)

Microstory 170 – Retro tales 1

After completing the 200th blog I decided to take a break and look at what I would like to do differently in the upcoming blogs. One of the things which my family shared is to share stories from the past. We gave a name as. “ Retro Tales”. These are tales that are there in some part of my memory and they come up when we go through certain situations in life. The other day my daughter had severe ear pain and I remembered my childhood days when I used to have similar pain. I  recollected how my folks in the family, mother, and grandmothers used to give various solutions. One such solution was something like a thick oil I guess, I was not able to recollect the name. It was a painful exercise, to say the least. I conjured up all those images just when my daughter was going through that pain. 

Microstort 171 – Laugh

It was afternoon time. We were having our routine lunchtime chit-chat. My wife was laughing and making some comments. In an instant, my daughter said, “ Mom, Dad is not laughing “. That comment made us look at each other and we wondered. I for sure was not laughing as it was not a laughing matter. My wife then explained to my daughter that there are some things you laugh at and talk about them in a self-deprecating way. At that instance, I understood one thing. There are moments in life we poke fun at ourselves about past follies, mistakes, and eccentricities. Do not expect the world to laugh at you. Because in their mind they are trying to see those through their world. I was paying attention to her but was not laughing outside because I was waiting for my turn to share my stories. Keep in mind there will always be someone watching over it. I later spoke to my wife and I understood this part of her life.

Microstory 172 – Questions

I was having my morning coffee around 5 AM. For the last couple of days my younger daughter gets up before me and we have a deal that we will have morning coffee time together with some chit chat. One morning I had woken up, brushed my teeth, and had prepared my coffee and was yet to get to terms with the morning vibrations which I am so much in love with. But that day instead of morning vibrations my daughter asked me those questions for which I didn’t have an answer. I told her that I had registered them in my mind and I am in search of meaning for these questions. The first question came up when she was reading a book. It was, ” Should I be believing things that people always say?”. My instant response was lazy “not always.” But I clarified that I will come with a better answer once I find it. The next question was the following day when she was seeing a small cutout I had kept in my balcony of people who get up very early in the morning. In that, she was fascinated with Indra Nooyi ( she said I like her because I love Pepsi) and Howard Schultz when I told her that he is the Starbucks CEO. Her immediate question was, ” What would you do if you needed no money?” I said, ” I have to prepare myself for this answer and will discuss this later”. After she left the room I was curious to see the book she was reading. No wonder why I was stumped for answers. It was Rowley Jeffersons’ “Awesome friendly spooky stories- Scare yourself Silly”. I am now ‘rumi’nating.

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