RICH Stories (134)

Microstory 132 – Bridge

My elder daughter kept changing English songs. I was in the driver’s seat and my wife was also wondering why she is not listening to the full song. She mentioned that English songs after a couple of lines and stanzas are quite predictable and there is only a single bridge. I couldn’t quite fathom what she said until I heard my favorite Coke Studio Qawwali of the year. It showed the stark difference between an English song and a qawwali. That moment when I learned something new was inspiring and I was able to discern that variety in the songs. Now I know how a DJ mixes the songs, why they have a job of their own. I guess they eliminate the boring part and bring new connections and hence drive people to the dance floor. As my wife said, there are the turns, twists, and finally the crescendo. So what is a bridge in a song?

A bridge is the section of a song that provides contrast, yet falls in the same context of the song. It is also known as a passage that serves as a link between sections of the song. For example, it can be the connection between the 2nd chorus and the 3rd verse in a song.

Microstory 133 – Recognition

I was having breakfast alone on that day and I could see my younger daughter taking her online classes. Suddenly she asked me, ” Do you know this author Daniel Enrico?” I replied back stating that I do not know him. I asked her what did you see or hear during the class which made her ask this question. She said, ” Our teacher had flashed out a quote on the screen and his name appeared as Author and since you write blogs I wanted to check”. I realized the appreciation that accompanied that statement and felt nice. The other day I was typing a blog draft on my iPad and for some reason, the space bar ( External attachment) was not working. My daughter saw me struggling and she offered me help. She decided to first press the shift key with her finger and I was able to use the space bar. Later she offered that I dictate and she will type and that is what she did which resulted in my last blog. I gave her a tight hug.

Microstory 134 – New Words Worth

A couple of months ago, I was reading an article, ” Simpatico relationship”. I was curious to check this new phrase which I had not seen or heard before. 2020 gave us quite a few of them. I for one liked the way in which some words were used and here are some of my favorite ones that caught my attention: This was in the news as a technical term. I guess in cricket, “concussion substitute” but it rang a bell inside me. I googled for some new words of 2020. Since I am a travel freak I liked this one. Transport Bubbles” or “Air Travel Arrangements” are temporary arrangements between two countries aimed at restarting commercial passenger services when regular international flights are suspended as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. You’re on mute! (phrase): The most used words in 2020. E.g. YOU’RE ON MUTE! I am in search of new words to learn and apply in 2021.

2021 Goal word on note paper with pen on wooden table. Resolution, strategy, solution, goal, business, New Year New You and happy holiday concepts

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