Wonder “full” 20 days


After completing my 100th blog it was time for celebration. I was basking in glory. My best friend through her blog made me special. I went through the comments section and I was amazed how my blogs had touched people in more ways that one. Somebody mentioned that my blogs helped them in understanding how we can “observe” things in life. I recollected how I have made changes during the journey in sometimes (not always)  moving from seeing to observing. This has led me to take each event as mystical, magical and musical ( I love to connect words and sentences that rhyme!).

I  had the opportunity for a  quick chat on my blogging journey as I was put on the spot. Now that a was good learning for me. “You don’t have time to get ready, stay ready“.  During this journey, I also had the chance to meet, greet and treat so many people from different walks of life. Each person has left an indelible mark which made me who I am today. More importantly, blogging has helped me to connect with myself better.  I was also given a special treat by the TILT community and in that, I had the chance to share a few of my learnings.

Today as I was interacting with one of my old friends she mentioned about my blogs on Hemlatha and my Brother – in law which made her look at life differently and she was living with more gratitude than before. This was also the time when Pankaj reached out to me to discuss his blogs and I was happy to offer my support. I am keenly looking forward to his blogs as he has already started putting out his blogs in quick succession. My mantra for him was “Done is better than perfect“. At that time I also had a quick check on how I had started blogging. Initially, it was tough to understand as I was thinking way too much and was worried whether it was making sense.

I enjoy the process of connecting and forging ideas. In the bargain, I’ve developed a fetish for connecting unrelated things.  That is when my tryst with discomfort begins. Eventually I “alchemize” the event with an idea and make a connection to a concept. It’s a frustrating process but in the end, I feel good when I see the comments, hear their views over the phone and when we meet, they describe how ideas, characters, and events have impacted them and made them look at life differently. I feel ecstatic, sometimes “the juice is worth the squeeze.”

In the last TILT session, we committed to achieving my next level of growth. In a jiffy, I updated my Whatsapp profile with DAS 2,12 ( ThinkInkDoReview), that is to improve two levels in twelve months. I am embarking on working on my next levels of skills which is to wring every ounce out of my po10shall and share extraordinary stories of people who have impacted my life at a mindset level like Maj D.P.Singh.


The past twenty days have been weeks of reflecting, observing and enjoying. I reflected on how I had learned so many things from people. I observed the nuances of conversations and how I need to improve my listening skills by bringing my attention from self-referential talks which happens when I am supposedly listening to the person on the outside but on the inside there is that chatter. I enjoyed to the hilt with family, kids, in-laws, and friends. I am also enjoying time with teenagers while we are coordinating a youth leadership program in the society. There is so much to learn from the young brigade.

I was touched by a linked in the photo which I had saved a few days back where a mother is playing with her child while lying on the footpath. I liked this quote that I saw in today’s meeting on happiness “There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path” and I was connecting this happiness path with the reality of that picture and it melded together as a truth. The past two days showed me that while you can be happy after achieving something in life but you have a choice to be happy on the literal pathway. That to me summed up these wonder”full” 20 days.








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  1. You never cease to amaze me with your writing skills Vinod…. absolutely wonderful blog..the details which you cover with so much subtilty is eye catching and thank you for your support helping me out with my blogs…

  2. Amazing as ever Vinod. I appreciate your keen eyes on details. Well done. I would love to share my story with you. I am sure you will weave an amazing thread on it. All the best…

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