Add more Years to Your Life?


It had been some time since we had breakfast in a south Indian restaurant. So we decided to have brunch at our favorite Udupi restaurant. The place was full so we decided to go upstairs to the fine dining area, we took the stairs. We settled down at a place and as we were about to place the order my wife who usually orders last jumped in and said, “I will have medu vada”. Surprised I asked, “you never order vada”. My daughter also joined, I will also have the same. I too agreed to have the vada. Then we discovered how we all decided to have vada. As we were coming through the ground floor and taking the steps, there was seated a lady who was having vada and the way she was enjoying her vada made all three of us decide to go for vada. We wondered how contagious was the food and the happiness associated with it. Remember the famous When Harry met Sally line ” I will have what she is having”? ( people who have seen it knows this is out of context). We laughed out loud at our sense and sensibilities. When we ate the vada we understood why she had enjoyed eating it, it was really good.

I had to consult the Doctor again after my business trip. So I asked my wife to drive around to the hospital. She parked the car and I was ready with the registration formalities. We entered the Doctor’s Cabin and sat down. The next few seconds all that the Doctor did was straight out of my last blog. I noticed that my wife was silently giggling and I am sure she was laughing out loud in her head.

We laugh out loud in our head when we do not want to embarrass the other person. This is a phrase which means “when someone finds something funny or thinks of something clever, but rather than expressing it outwardly with a smile or even a laugh as most people do, conceals it without facial expressions”. But in her case, I could make out because of her expression.


My mother and mother – in – law both gave me a  “laugh in my head” moment when both of them called after seeing my blog, where I had mentioned that I was not well. Gone are the days when I used to communicate such trivial issues (seriously )over phone/text. I was laughing in my head as I was happy that now my mother and mother in law are both following me regularly on my life’s stories through my blogs.

I met my old friend in a tea cafe. I ordered Chamomile tea and he ordered ginger tea. It took some time to arrive. We had enough time on our hands. Finally, it arrived with some paraphernalia. He served the tea and asked me to have a look at the timer and decide on the concentration of the tea. That was a real laugh in my head moment as I was watching the sand clock and deciding the concentration of the tea, instead of having a real conversation with my friend.

They say laughter is the best medicine. So last week has been a week of medicines and laughter which made it very healthy and interesting. These are moments in life we cherish and in my view laughter occupies a very important part in our lives.  Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

In my view, if we observe, we have a lot of opportunities to laugh in our head and otherwise. The key is to keep looking for such moments and when it happens, take notice and laugh out loud. Laughter is no wonder called the “sunbeam of your soul“. We have to keep nourishing ourselves in this beam every moment.

It is also a way to add more life into your years.


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